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Mail Opt Out

At Sharp Cat, a UK Mailing House we understand that receiving valued mail that you want to see is rewarding and interesting. Other mail that you don’t want to see may be unwelcome. That’s why we created this dedicated Mail Opt Out website – currently the only UK Mailing House to do so.

Here you can register to unsubscribe from the specific database used to mail you. This will stop addressed deliveries of postal correspondence that you no longer want to see.

You can choose to mail opt out from all data lists held by the company that mailed you or just the ones with a particular type of mail. The Mail Opt Out takes approximately 2 weeks before it is fully effective. Once you are on the opt out list your details remain there until you tell us otherwise. All requests are read by a member of the Sharp Cat Mailing House team so please feel free to add any notes.

What is Sharp Cat?

Sharp Cat is a mailing house based in the United Kingdom. A mailing house is a company that provides postal services to external organisations such as the BBC. A wide range of organisations utilise Sharp Cat mailing services to print, mail and post mail to a supplied database.

The mail item I received was not sent to me by Sharp Cat?

If the mail item you received is not part of our mailing scheme just contact us via the Remove My Name page to stop receiving mail items from the database used to mail you.

Choose one of four quick and easy options
to remove your name from a mailing list

Mail Opt Out Request

Mail 1

Send Sharp Cat the whole mail item that you received. Your name will be removed from the data list for that post and the material shredded for recycling.

The freepost address is just one line - Freepost MailOptOut


Phone 2

Call and speak to one of the Mail Opt Out Team 0800 772 3682

Email 3

Email Mail Opt Out at giving your name, the address where the mail item was received and (very importantly) the MT number on the envelope.

Web Form 4

This is an optional field so we can send you a receipt via email. Please note this email address will not be used for any communication other than handling this request.



Can’t find the Mail Track Number ?

Addressee name

Address Line(s)

Organisation Name



Here are some samples to show you where to find the MT code: is run and funded by Sharp Cat Limited. Incorporated in 2003, company registration 4633777.